iCREST Academy

iCREST Academy 4

International Center for RESearch in Cell Technologies (iCREST) offers courses and training programs for students interested in the field of Cellular and Molecular Biology.

A wide-range of programs are available to match the requirements of the student.

Short-Term Programs (STePs) are 1 to 3-day introductory workshops designed to initialize students into this exciting field.

Hands-on Programs (HOPs) are designed for life science graduates keen on learning key techniques in Cellular and Molecular Biology. 

Accelerated Learning Programs (ALPs) are specifically designed for middle-school and high-school students

Research Projects (RePs) can be designed for students interested in extending and applying their skills and develop their research interests.

iCREST also organizes regular Meet The Expert (MTEs) events where students can meet with the professionals in this field and gain from their vast experience.

iCREST organizes Conferences and Seminars regularly to cover advances in basic, translational and clinical research in this field.


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